Jun 152010
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I'm a boat, floatin's what I do... by Sarah Brooks

Tugboat was Galaxie 500′s first single, recorded in February 1988 at Noise New York by Kramer and released as a 7” single on Aurora Records. When some other artist decides to cover a Galaxie 500 song Tugboat is the one they invariably reach for. Here’s a selection of those cover versions. If anyone has (or knows of) any I haven’t included please get in touch.

Here’s the original (and best)
MP3: Tugboat – Galaxie 500 (box.net)

This post was prompted by Venice is Sinking who have recorded a lovely version of the track for their new album Sand & Lines.
MP3: Tugboat – Venice is Sinking (via Aquarium Drunkard)

And in no particular order…

Another recent cover version is by SF band Citay who have a version on their most recent album Dream Get Together.
MP3: Tugboat – Citay (box.net)

Mercury Rev played the song for a radio show in Dublin.
MP3: Tugboat – Mercury Rev (box.net)

Fab scottish indie stars BMX Bandits recorded the track for a Galaxie 500 tribute album that was released on Spanish label Elefant Records. The recording also features the lovely Angel Corpus Christi on the chorus.
MP3: Tugboat – BMX Bandits featuring Angel Corpus Christi (box.net)

The Jazz Butcher released a version, titled Tugboat Captain on their 1992 Western Family live album
MP3: The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy – Tugboat Captain (box.net)

MP3: Tugboat – Blue Haired Girl (Jamendo)
Video: Tugboat – Blue Haired Girl
WWW: Blue Haired Girl (MySpace)

British Sea Power released a version on a Rough Trade compilation
MP3: Tugboat – British Sea Power (mediafire)

Portastatic also recorded their version for Elefant’s Galaxie 500 tribute album, Snowstorm
MP3: Tugboat – Portastatic (box.net)

Spanish band The Standby Connection are an off-shoot of Polar
MP3: Tugboat – The Standby Connection (box.net)

UK 90s indie band Submarine released Tugboat on the flip of their Jodie Foster 7″ single
MP3: Tugboat – Submarine (mediafire)

… and not to be confused with LA indie band The Submarines who recorded their version for an iTunes only EP
MP3: Tugboat – The Submarines (mediafire)
WWW: The Submarines website

The Transmissionary Six recorded Tugboat for KEXP (you can still download the whole set from the KEXP site)
MP3: Tugboat – The Transmissionary Six (box.net)

And finally here are Dean & Britta recorded live in Brittany, France last month
MP3: Tugboat – Dean & Britta (box.net)

… and now with addded Joanna Gruesome

And another one… Meursault recorded the track for their crowd-funded, crowd-chosen album made to help fund the band’s US tour

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